Metropolitan Governance

Coordinated by Mayor of Grugliasco Roberto Montà, the Metropolitan Commission is tasked with devising shared visions of the metropolis and identifying projects and policies in the realms of metropolitan governance and spatial planning to combat the economic recession engulfing the metropolitan area. In developing a metropolitan agenda for 2025, the commission promotes close inter-municipal cooperation and a multi-scale approach designed to encourage a plurality of relationships across the broader region. European structural funds and national funding plans provide an important framework of opportunity for the commission’s work.

The strategic issues currently being explored by working groups include developing a shared strategy for new-manufacturing hubs; innovation to improve the efficiency and integration of metropolitan mobility; managing green infrastructure at the metropolitan scale and promoting the environmental resources of this vast territory; improving the livability of the metropolitan area and the quality and friendliness of public spaces; integrating new technologies into urban systems to become a more intelligent metropolis; embedding the core values of environmental sustainability and social cohesion into metropolitan policy and aligning municipal initiatives with a common strategy.

The commission consists of representatives of the Piedmont Region, the Province of Torino and the 38 municipalities that make up the first, second and third rings of the urban core of metropolitan Torino.