In 2000, Torino was the first Italian city to adopt a Strategic Plan, pioneering the way for the many other cities that would subsequently follow in its footsteps. A second strategic plan was prepared in 2006.

The first Strategic Plan (‘to promote the city’) emerged at a time of acute crisis provoked by the socio-economic transformations sweeping Western nations, signalling the decline of the manufacturing industry and the Fordist model of society. Through strategic planning, Torino committed itself to a concerted effort to reinforce the city’s ability to produce wealth and innovation by diversifying the local economy and refreshing the international image of the city—a goal which culminated in the organization of the Torino Winter Olympics.

The second Strategic Plan instead focused attention on the knowledge economy. Alongside the intense efforts channelled into the plans, the Association worked to enliven local debate on development issues and promote the emergence of new agencies, new players and new issues and objectives.