The Association

Torino Internazionale is the association which promotes strategic planning methods, monitors its actions, sets up specific workshops, communicates to the public the opportunities for development created by the Plan and encourages the public’s participation. Through the association, the various partners discuss the proposals and further their common base of knowledge. To this end, Torino Internazionale commissions research, creates channels of information, documents the progress of the actions, and follows the single projects.
Torino Internazionale – which was founded in May 2000 – has 85 members, including public bodies, institutions, universities, cultural centers, companies, unions and trade associations. And they are all convinced of the need to take part in this moment of change and present themselves as catalysts for development.
As in every other European city which has adopted a Strategic Plan, the reference point for the association and the Plan is the metropolitan area, with its demands regarding social, economic, cultural, normative, transportation and service sector needs that are vaster than the administrative confines of the city.