Metropolitan Baseline

Understanding the social, economic and territorial reality represents the necessary knowledge base for planning. It is fundamental in an approach to strategic planning that directly engages the drivers of change—public and private sector decision-makers and representatives—that the insights and trends that emerge are backed up by factual data and knowledge. Planning is not a theoretical exercise. It is a concrete act giving tangible shape to the visions, directions, and policies produced by the local knowledge of stakeholders, which involves calling on the best scientific knowledge available.
The baseline study produced by the Association serves planning purposes by helping to explore in depth, expand on, formalize, and assess the ideas and proposals that emerge through stakeholder engagement. The baseline is a concept designed specifically for the commissions, panels and work groups, taking the form of briefs that snapshot issues and policies of interest (such as individual economic sectors, vocational training programmes, environmental policies, ‘smart city’ initiatives, and so on). These briefs are put together by building on the great wealth of knowledge and research that the local territory produces.
The first stage of the baseline study was produced in partnership with the 4T research network, consisting of the think-tanks Torino Nord Ovest, Eu-Polis, and Centro Einaudi/Rota Report. Other research bodies and experts may be called on to contribute to work on specific issues.