Economic Development

Coordinated by entrepreneur Davide Canavesio (General Manager of SAET Group) the commission’s task is to bring together approaches and tools to appraise the local economy, identify priority issues, coordinate the working groups that explore and expand on those issues, and set an agenda for metropolitan economic development. The commission’s goal is to develop an economic strategy towards becoming the City of Opportunity, a strategy that by strengthening the entire economic fabric creates the necessary conditions for medium/long-term growth and positions Torino competitively on the global playing field.

The commission is made up by representatives of the Piedmont Region, the Province of Torino and the City of Torino, the worlds of finance, industry, labor and the third sector, entrepreneurs and business leaders, and universities. As such, it brings together the most prominent drivers shaping the metropolitan area: local government and administration, businesses and investors, human capital, and research and development.

Four working groups are currently developing the action plans of the economic development strategy: Investment Promotion and Attraction, Human Capital, Business-Friendly Government, and Local Attractiveness.